How do young Czech designers and architects under 30 perceive universal design?

The practice of the Scandinavian countries is different from ours in this respect. For example, Norway has included universal design in its legislation and strategies for over 15 years. However, after meeting with local institutions, designers, and educators, you can notice that it is all about the perspective from which we view the world and how we want to use design to shape that world.

With the support of EEA funds and partner institutions such as Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA) and Kreativní PRAHA, research is being carried out to explore the awareness and perception of universal design and the theme of accessible design.

Objectives of the Research 

The aim is to map how Czech designers and architects perceive universal design. Do they see it as innovative, boring, or interesting from a business perspective? Where do they encounter it, and how is it reflected in their education? Is there a potential to address this topic actively, in the long term, and more systematically? This is exactly what the research should approach, and its results will help to design further programmes and projects by considering specific experiences, views, and needs.

Results of the Research

Explore results of the qualitative and quantitative research in following reports and handbooks (PDF, Google Drive)