Design for All Exhibition

The exhibition provides an overview of the implementation of universal design in our lives. It shows examples of specific solutions, their value, and their impact on the public sector. At the same time, it creates a space where a clothing designer, a furniture company owner, an urban architect, and a local cultural enthusiast can meet over a debate about the potential barriers we all face on a daily basis.

Universal design is an important part of sustainable solutions, integrating diverse groups of people into the design process, therefore deepening knowledge and empathy. In business and public administration, it has a major impact on the usability of products and services or the engagement of new, more diverse target groups. It enables users to be actively involved in creating products and services, reflecting their individual needs, and creating an environment they feel positively part of.

The exhibition was funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants.

3 areas of universal design: product, service, environment

Each area is curated by a different currator:

  • Thea Urdal (NO) curated the product accessibility part of the exhibition. She is a journalist and a designer interested in emotional design, curiosity, speculative fiction and the importance of semantics.

  • Herman Bilet (NO) provided examples illustrating good practice in services. He has been running a multidisciplinary freelance design practice for seven years, working on public and private projects ranging from mobile apps to stadiums.

  • Jitka Smolíková (CZ) selected examples related to environmental and space accessibility. Jitka is the director of the Zlin Design Week festival and her background is in Arts Management.

The exhibition is over. It took place 4 - 24 May 2023 in the Svit, building 61 in Zlín and was part of the Zlin Design Week festival.

If you are interested in exhibiting the exhibition in your gallery, please contact Ondřej Staňek

The exhibition included curator-led tours and an edu programme for schools.


Herman Billet a Thea Urdal

We are unsure if true inclusive design can exist in the systems we operate in today, say curators of Design for All exhibition

The interview with curators of Design for All exhibition Thea Urdal and Herman Billet on universal design, creating meaningful connections and building communities.

design kantyna v usti nad labem_Opravdu muze byt design pro vsechny_2023-03-28

How can you get started with universal design and accessibility? Talk at festival Design Ústí

How can you get started with universal design and accessibility? We will discuss this together on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at the House of Arts in Ústí nad Labem with Anežka Řepík and Jitka Smolíková.