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Herman Billet a Thea Urdal

We are unsure if true inclusive design can exist in the systems we operate in today, say curators of Design for All exhibition

The interview with curators of Design for All exhibition Thea Urdal and Herman Billet on universal design, creating meaningful connections and building communities.

Jitka Smolíková a Anežka Řepík představují motivace a průběh projektu Design pro všechny

Design for All in pictures - Key activities of the project

Most of the activities of Design for All project culminated in May as part of 9th Zlin Design Week. Look back and remind the key activities such conference, exhibition and edu workshops through videos and pictures.

Dr. Anthony Giannoumis

Recording from Zlin Design Week Conference is available

The Zlin Design Week Conference took place on 9 May 2023 in Zlin, Czech Republic and through lectures and joint discussions offered various perspectives on the topic of Universal Design. Watch the full conference recording or just select the talks you are interested.

Silhouettes of various people - old, young, parents, kids, pregnant, on wheelchare, skating, with a dog

Top 10 prejudices & preconceptions of inclusive design

There are many prejudices and misconceptions about Inclusive Design and Architecture. These are due to a lack of understanding or oversimplification. Following sentences reveal and counter some of the most common prejudices.

The front of the newly designed express train to Oslo airport. Foto: DOGA

Flytoget – new Airport Express train

Oslo’s Airport Express Train, Flytoget, is used by almost 8 million people every year and is the preferred means of transport to and from Oslo Airport. Built on universal design principles, Flytoget’s new train cars will offer a more comfortable experience for all passengers.

Municipality of Oslo - a holisitic and unifying identity

Municipality of Oslo - a holisitic and unifying identity

Design agency Creuna (now Knowit) and the Municipality of Oslo has developed a user-friendly, flexible and unifying identity for Oslo, one that makes municipal services more understandable to citizens, and therefore strengthening the local democracy.

Stratégové Norského centra designu a architektury, ředitel londýnského Helen Hamlyn Center for Design Rama Gheerawo, moderátorka Anežka Adamíková

Podcast Design Canteen: About universal designu

How to design products, services and public spaces to be accessible to all people? Inclusive design is a strategy to innovate processes. Strategist from Design and Architecture Norway and Head of Helen Hamlyn Center for Design Rama Gheerawo explain in podcast what is universal design and how to apply it.

Stovnertårnet - vyhlídková věž v Oslu

Stovnertårnet – closer to nature

Stovnertårnet is a spectacular 260-metre walking path and lookout tower that extends 15 metres above the ground with beautiful views of Oslo. It is also a sanctuary, a meeting place and an urban nature attraction built on universal design principles to ensure inclusion of a diversity of visitors.

Foto:, Sigmund, detailní pohled na ruce nevidomého, který používá čtečku na braillovo písmo

When Should You Start with Inclusive Design and Accessibility in Your Team?

All activities related to the accessibility of your services and inclusive design are inseparably linked to the design maturity of your organisation. What is it, you ask? This article describes various model of UX maturity of teams and organizations.

Xbox team pushes the boundaries of gaming

Xbox team pushes the boundaries of gaming

The Xbox team tried to find out how to make gaming more enjoyable and improve the controllability of consoles for people with disabilities through a design sprint. From improvements benefit all gamers, regardless of disability or specific need.

Stokke or Oxo. Introduction to Universal Design

Stokke or Oxo. Introduction to Universal Design

What can a person in a wheelchair, a mother with a pram, your grandmother and your friend who recently broke his arm have in common? Each of them will appreciate the things and services we use every day more usable and accessible.