Exhibition Design for All

The exhibition will provide an overview of the implementation of universal design in our lives. It will provide examples of specific solutions, their value, and their impact on the public sector.

3/5 - 24/5/2023


Zlín - Galerie G18

Available assistance.

O výstavě

At the same time, it will create a space where a clothing designer, a furniture company owner, an urban architect, and a local cultural enthusiast can meet over a debate about the potential barriers we all face on a daily basis.

Universal design is an important part of sustainable solutions, integrating diverse groups of people into the design process, therefore deepening knowledge and empathy. In business and public administration, it has a major impact on the usability of products and services or the engagement of new, more diverse target groups. It enables users to be actively involved in creating products and services, reflecting their individual needs, and creating an environment they feel positively part of.

We are planning guided tours and associated events. More details coming in April.

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