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How to design products, services and public spaces to be accessible to all people? Inclusive design is a strategy to innovate processes. Strategist from Design and Architecture Norway and Head of Helen Hamlyn Center for Design Rama Gheerawo explain in podcast what is universal design and how to apply it.

Everyone will benefit from universal design whether you are a designer, an architect or just looking for ways to realize your ideas in a meaningful way.

Jannicke Holen and Knut Bang co-lead at Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA) Innovation for All program, Norway's only program focused on inclusive design for innovation and business development. The third guest of this discussion is Rama Gheerawo, Director of London's Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design.

DOGA has published a book about inclusive design, Innovating with People: Inclusive Design and Architecture, with Onny Eikhaug as editor-in-chief and Rama as the book's co-author.

The discussion is concluded by a short author reading from latest Rama's book Creative Leadership.

Podcast is hosted by a Czech service designer Anežka Adamíková.

Stratégové Norského centra designu a architektury, ředitel londýnského Helen Hamlyn Center for Design Rama Gheerawo, moderátorka Anežka Adamíková

Podacst was published in October 2022. The recording of this episode was made as part of the project Universal Design: mapping the potential and engagement of the new generation in the creative industries supported by the EEA Grants.

Other episodes (mostly in Czech) are available on Spotify platform.

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Recording from Zlin Design Week Conference is available

The Zlin Design Week Conference took place on 9 May 2023 in Zlin, Czech Republic and through lectures and joint discussions offered various perspectives on the topic of Universal Design. Watch the full conference recording or just select the talks you are interested.